About Us


Take a drive along Saratoga and it won’t take you long to start to notice the ubiquitous navy-blue signs with the golden royal lion and “MPM HOMES” written in bold letters. You have entered the kingdom of Moses Mostaghasi, president of the company that bears his initials. Those signs have been around for the better part of 18 years so it’s surprising when the man that enters the room for the interview is in his mid-30s with a toothy grin and a constantly buzzing phone.

Until recently, Moses ran his multimillion-dollar business with his phone out of his truck. However, late last year he finally opened a model home located at 6722 Brockhampton. He had tried to open one before, but his houses sell so fast, it’s been hard to keep one as a model

This “selling-like-hotcakes” approach to home building has been Moses’ style from the beginning. When he was an 18-year-old college student, his parents decided to build a home. Moses was pretty handy with a hammer, so he decided to try his hand at building a house. A family friend was a retired builder and served as a mentor for the ambitious project. One day, the mentor came to check out how the house was coming along and fell so in love with the craftmanship he saw that he convinced Moses to sell it to him instead. “At that point, I found my passion for home building and decided to start developing my own subdivision.”

Moses has built over a thousand houses since that time, but each one is special. He is known in the building community for his work ethic and commitment to making things perfect for the home buyers. “As a builder, you must remember that you are not building a house, but you are building someone’s home. I am creating the place that they will gather with their families and create memories. I have many clients that I have worked with repeatedly as their housing needs change. If someone asks me to build not just their first house, but their next house? That’s an honor. I take those relationships seriously and work hard to make sure they get what they want.” In fact, that phone number on all those signs around town ring to his personal cell phone number. “I want to make sure that the clients know that they can talk to me directly any time. I think that’s important.”

Corpus Christi has been home all his life. A graduate of King High School, Moses was 12th in a class of 650 students. He went on to graduate cum laude with degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science from Texas A & M Corpus Christi all the while building houses on the side. He intended to take his degrees and go to law school, but he liked building houses so much, he just kept building them.

Moses and MPM are very involved in the community. The last two Lemonade Days, MPM has built and given away lemonade stands, and they are big supporters of Beach to Bay every year. Moses also serves as the 1st Vice President for the Coastal Bend Home Builders Association. It is not unusually to see him at City Council meetings all over South Texas making sure that elected officials don’t make it harder or more costly to build homes. He’s very aware of the impact his company has on this community. During the housing crisis a few years ago, Moses watched as his sub-contractors struggled to stay afloat. “My company is an important source of jobs in the community. Those electricians and plumbers have families to feed, too. There are a lot of people depending on what we do here.”

If you would like to find out more about MPM Homes, please contact Moses at mpmhomes.net or 361-774-3832.